Organic Homes organic logo Uniquely Shaped Homes on main NH-24
organic logo Uniquely Shaped Homes on main NH-24


Organic Homes strives to establish first class organic habitats that embrace both the organic architectural styles and contemporary designs, transforming habitats in NCR into places that communities can really value and appreciate. The Objective is to create homes that are not just organically superior, but value for money habitats that provide the best of world class amenities with great design and practicality.

Organic Homes have been considerably designed for environment sustainability, optimum comfort and convenience without compromising on the luxury. With a roof top club to let your hair down after a stressful day or an infinity pool to cool those heels, here space and opulence have been maximized without compromising on the organic roots to create exceptional living spaces for both entertainment and relaxation. Service lifts accompany you to higher levels while the huge balconies provide exciting vantage points overlooking the best of NCR, whilst extending the inner peace to the outside.

The understanding of surrounding systems is the key to sustainable design. This includes the systems of construction, the systems of materials production and, especially, the existing systems of the site. By observing and designing in harmony with all of these system, we can sustain and preserve our environment. Take a look at our well strategised site plan.